Services List

The media outreach leader in the communications industry, Outreach Extensions specializes in comprehensive, highprofile educational and community outreach campaigns for media projects. We offer a full range of outreach services to assist producers, funders, networks, and stations in extending the impact of their documentary or series beyond broadcast. Whether your production is for adults or children, we strive for innovation in providing specialized outreach services or in designing comprehensive campaigns. You become our partner in designing and delivering high impact results.

Strategic Planning and Campaign Design

Outreach Extensions approaches planning as both an analytical and creative process. We look at all aspects of a project: the production and its issues, community needs, key target audiences, and calls to action that can make a difference.

  • Web design and production
  • Proposal writing
  • Client orientation
  • Industry analysis
  • Community assessments
  • Plans to engage bilingual audiences
  • Development of outreach prototypes
  • Branding strategies

Content Development

Outreach Extensions has vast experience in developing content to support the participation of various groups – from children to adults and from general to specialized audiences – in our campaigns. To extend reach and increase impact, content is customizable and delivered across multiple platforms.

  • Innovative concept development and creative designs
  • Outreach resources: develop concept, design, produce, distribute
  • Multiplatform media applications
  • Web and new media
  • Broad range of print materials/downloadables: outreach toolkits, discussion guides, school-based and after-school hands-on activities, teacher/facilitator guides, posters, brochures, co-branded materials with corporate sponsors, workshop agendas/materials

Campaign Implementation

Our campaigns are delivered on time and under budget. Each campaign is customized, assuring you that we focus on the issues central to your production, create content and resources to engage audiences, and effectively deliver campaign results.

  • Customized campaigns to meet client needs
  • Innovation in forging new opportunities and delivering effective campaigns
  • Campaign objectives, core themes, key issues, outcomes
  • Strategies to engage diverse target audiences
  • Station grant programs (recruitment, development, and oversight)
  • Coordination of events
  • Outreach related to film festivals
  • Consultation and technical assistance
  • Campaign management, budgets, and oversight

Media, Community, and Viral Partnerships

The right partners can be an incredible boost to an outreach campaign – helping to provide content expertise, rallying key audiences, and delivering solution–based results. Outreach Extensions is skilled in developing successful partnerships and working in collaboration with diverse partners to seize opportunities and create impact.

  • Partner identification and development
  • Community coalition building
  • Community advisory committees
  • Coordination with key production and network stakeholders
  • Collaboration with promotion/publicity and station relations
  • Viral distribution and social networking

Evaluation and Reporting

Outreach Extensions supports your needs to document results. We are skilled report writers and effectively communicate your project’s achievements. We’ve worked with external evaluators to determine appropriate research objectives and methodology.

  • Analysis and report writing
  • Focus testing and evaluations
  • External evaluations