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Making Connections Media Outreach Initiative

The Making Connections Media Outreach Initiative (MCMOI) emerged from an innovative strategy developed by Outreach Extensions to help stations address the realities of multiple demands to conduct outreach campaigns for national and local programs as well as station, community and public television initiatives.

The strategy is that of bridge-building, which will help stations to link campaigns that can serve the same audience, address related themes or community issues, utilize the same community partners as well as benefit from shared activities / materials. This strategy will enable stations to utilize resources more effectively, including the time/attention of staff to work on individual campaigns. Essential to the strategy is the opportunity to help stations to build their capacities to address significant community issues and garner solution-based community action. On their own, stations can apply this powerful strategy to other local projects and issues. The Annie E. Casey Foundation is supporting this exciting in its Making Connections cities across America. Designed and managed by Outreach Extensions, this vital outreach initiative linkspublic television stations to local stakeholders, which serve various constituencies, as a means to strengthen youth and families and build more effective communities.