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A dramatic miniseries, JESUS was broadcast on the CBS Television Network on two evenings in May 2000. Celebrating the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, the four-hour, two-part, series dramatized His extraordinary life and mission. The film was guided by an international panel of scholars.

JESUS was a production of Five Mile River Films, in association with Lux Vide, S.p.A. Lorenzo Minoli and Judd Parkin were executive producers; Roger Young, director; and the screenplay was by Suzette Couture.

Outreach Extensions designed and distributed an Interdenominational Faith-Based Guide (two-sided, double-folded, self-mailer, 8.5” x 17”) to accompany the series, enrich the exploration of faith, and encourage tune-in. The guide assisted faith leaders, lay persons, and congregations in using the film’s familiar biblical stories to examine Jesus’ messages of love, forgiveness, and everlasting life. Two sets of discussion questions – about the miniseries and about readings of the Gospels – were designed to evoke thought and discussion about Jesus and the Scriptures in the time of Christ and in the context of our lives today. Meditations and discussions based on specific Bible readings were suggested for individuals, families, and communities. Finally, five readings in the Bible were suggested for dramatizations in the film: The Temptation, The Finding in the Temple, Jesus Walks on Water, The Crucifixion, and The Resurrection. Congregants and discussion groups were encouraged to read the relevant lesson in the Bible, compare them to the film’s characterizations, and discuss them.

Tens of thousands of copies were distributed.