Prayer In America

The PRAYER IN AMERICA campaign was unique in Outreach Extensions’ collaborative content development with leading national scholars and theologians, including author James P. Moore, Jr. whose book One Nation Under God:  The History of Prayer in America inspired the documentary. The campaign focused on five campaign themes: Prayer and Social Justice, Prayer and Forgiveness, Prayer and Armed Conflict, Prayer and the Constitution, and Prayer in Crisis. Public television stations, local houses of worship, institutions of higher education, multicultural organizations, and civic groups convened to discuss, from an interreligious perspective, the role of prayer in issues important to their communities.

  • Twenty-six grants were awarded in two phases to public television stations for development of Web site content, panel discussions and screenings, and on-air local productions. With a focus on interreligious dialogue in local communities, the campaign partnered with six public television stations to offer structured, content-based forums/workshops facilitated by Outreach Extensions and faith leaders related to the five outreach themes in PRAYER IN AMERICA. Total impressions from the campaign (including outreach broadcast, Web, materials distributed, promotion, and events) were more than six million.
  • Local organizations forged community connections through linking campaign activities to special community activities such as the World Day of Prayer, National Day of Interfaith Youth Service, and citywide cultural celebrations that included interfaith dialogue. Targeted outreach was made to seminaries and departments of religion at colleges and universities; at religious conferences; through national partners; and to the larger community – congregations, lay leaders, ministerial groups, and chaplains in prisons and military settings.
  • Outreach campaign media resources included a Station Outreach Toolkit to support campaign participation; a comprehensive Community Resource Guide (200 pages) developed by Outreach Extensions with essays contributed by scholars, historians, and faith leaders to support interfaith dialogue about PRAYER IN AMERICA and its themes; a community screening version of the documentary; and a bimonthly Electronic Newsletter.
  • An extensive Web site was developed by Outreach Extensions to support the broadcast and national outreach campaign for PRAYER IN AMERICA. In addition to traditional production Web elements such as a trailer of the documentary and descriptions of the film and production company (The Duncan Group), the site contained resources and interactive elements to engage visitors: a blog section for dialogue on many aspects of prayer, a prayer directory and interfaith calendar, the Community Resource Guide, and a “watch and listen” section featuring local productions from public television station grantees.