In preparation for NODDY’s launch, Outreach Extensions completed a series of activities for station and community readiness and implementation. This included building station outreach stakeholders and bringing them aboard as an advisory committee, attending PBS and outreach conferences to create a buzz, developing inventive materials for community partners to display at conferences, and producing an outreach and promotion toolbox called “NODDY’s Treasure Chest of Notions, Oddities, Doodads and Delights of Yesterday.”

26 outreach grants stimulated local efforts to use the NODDY outreach materials and resources for trainings and special events. Communities were encouraged to work with intergenerational programs and populations, a unique children’s series’ target audience based on characters and relationships in the series. The NODDY costume character traveled the country to increase visibility and engage children.

Outreach Extensions was awarded the 1999 PBS Eddie Award for the Noddy Web site as the “Best Parent/Teacher Information on a Kids’ Site.” The innovative site offered interactive games, videos, and songs, a writer’s club for kids, extensive bibliography on a range of topics, community bulletin board, and educational information. Activities for children ages 3-7 accompanied each episode as well as 20 of the NODDY songs.