Beginning in January 2000, Outreach Extensions (OE) designed and implemented the landmark three-year, $1.0 million national outreach campaign to accompany Tod Lending’s Academy Award® -nominated documentary LEGACY. From the beginning of the campaign, OE advanced a dual strategy to utilize the strengths of both HBO/ Cinemax (audience reach and media power) and PBS (targeted audiences, community outreach expertise and on-the-ground activities, role of stations as neutral conveners, and PBS Online) to reach and serve communities. This strategy helped to build a seamless campaign for the July 2001 Cinemax premiere broadcast and later (November 2002) PBS broadcast. The campaign was funded by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (Phase 1 only).

  • The campaign successfully used a documentary film as a platform for social action, including efforts to achieve federal housing legislation on behalf of grandparents rearing their grandchildren. The Transportation, Treasury, and Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill signed into law on November 30, 2005 included $4 million for LEGACY Housing Demonstrations. Along with Outreach Extensions, Generations United, one of the national outreach partners, was instrumental in this unprecedented outcome.
  • The production of two outreach videos, Legacy of Community Action and Legacy of Faith, repurposing footage from the documentary, created a springboard for local discussion and action - working in partnership with local initiatives to strengthen youth, families, and communities. The message of LEGACY was profound; the eventual triumph of the Collins family powerfully illustrated the possibility that more families, drawing on community support structures, could reach stability and safety.
  • The external evaluation by Applied Research and Consulting reported that, by February 2002, the campaign had reached more than 562,000 individuals through outreach activities, publications, and broadcasts of local productions; had 33,600 Web site visitors; and distributed more than 5,300 Legacy of Faith videos, 4,800 Legacy of Community Action videos, almost 2,500 copies of the Legacy Community Action Toolbox, and about 11,250 separate Toolbox sections. The national campaign had facilitated over 1,000 community and faith events and screenings and organized 103 appearances of Collins family members at events and screenings.