Kratts’ Creatures

Outreach Extensions managed an extensive Zoo Tour (10 zoos) featuring Martin and Chris Kratt whose antics along with their exciting presentation of live animals provided an unforgettable experience that entranced, entertained, and educated young audiences. Managed by Outreach Extensions, the show was supported by a carefully crafted script, media elements, and planning/production. More than 2.5 million children and families visit zoos on an annual basis.

Hands-on activities were designed in partnership with Cooperative Extensions/4-H and the Science Target Project of the Los Angeles Educational Partnership. The animal and science-based activities were enjoyed by 8-11 year-old children enrolled in the American Zoo & Aquarium Association’s Summer Camp program at zoos and aquaria. More than 500,000 children viewed six episodes of KRATTS’ CREATURES and completed the accompanying activities.

Chris and Martin Kratt assisted the American Zoo & Aquarium Association in raising awareness about and celebrating the International Year of the Reef. This included a public service announcement in association with the AZA Coral Reef Initiative.

The series launch was supported by an outreach and promotion toolbox for stations. Included was a set of hands-on science activities for children designed by Outreach Extensions in association with a team of consultants:  science specialists, children’s writers, and even a humor writer. A game specialist helped to design an animal survival game, The Dangers of Being Endangered.