Company Profile

LOOK OUT in new directions to magnify brand value and discover new audiences… We’ve been creating award–winning, customized outreach campaigns for our clients for over 10 years. Look in our direction to extend your product’s brand identity and value. Contact us and discover how outreach can work for you. Founded in 1992, Outreach Extensions is a national consulting firm that specializes in comprehensive, high–profile educational and community outreach campaigns for media projects. Our custom designed outreach campaigns extend the impact of a series or program beyond the broadcast and build the capacity of community organizations to utilize media resources. 

Outreach Extensions provides a full range of outreach development services to work in collaboration with producers to design and market multi-tiered outreach campaigns, including strategic planning, issue and content definition, and fund development. Outreach implementation strategies include designing incentives to motivate station involvement and broadcast placement; creating activities and events that can be leveraged by the project’s promotion team; identifying partners who advise on community needs, assist with content development, and provide access to key audiences; and aligning the campaign with funder and community initiatives. Outreach Extensions has extensive experience in working with public television stations on grant programs, which has resulted in high impact campaigns utilizing local media products and strategies (broadcast town halls, documentaries, interstitial messages, interactive Web resources, facilitated workshops, forums, and screenings/discussions). 

Outreach Extensions recently completed two signature multi-year outreach efforts, both of which were funded by The Annie E. Casey Foundation. The Reentry National Media Outreach Campaign was unique in that it incorporated multiple documentaries (17), notably Omar & Pete, which were broadcast over a four year period. All productions incorporated the theme of reentry into family and community by individuals who were formerly incarcerated. The seven year Making Connections Media Outreach Initiative (MCMOI) focused on Family Economic Success, School Readiness, and Social Networking/Civic Participation. The MCMOI linked public television stations to local stakeholders who were engaged in building strong and connected neighborhoods for children and families.

Leveraging outreach projects to achieve outcomes and build visibility has been an important objective for all campaigns. A notable example is The Foster Care Project, an extensive national community mobilization effort, which resulted in progressive federal legislation, in association with the PBS documentary Take This Heart. Legacy, shown on Cinemax and PBS, and the National Legacy Outreach Campaign became the impetus for the LEGACY (Living Equitably: Grandparents Aiding Children and Youth) legislation that was signed into law on December 16, 2003 as part of the American Dream Downpayment Bill. Key provisions create national demonstration housing projects, provide training for HUD personnel, and call for a national study.

Outreach Extensions has also designed campaigns for numerous other media projects.