Waging A Living

Outreach Extensions designed a targeted, multi-phased campaign. The pilot project in 2003-2004 provided training to adult education centers to help them implement KET’s Workplace Essential Skills curriculum to benefit low-wage workers. Earned Income Tax Credit projects were also funded. Phase 2, which began in 2005 when the documentary was available, offered…

Project Spotlight: Waging A Living

What we do

A national consulting firm founded in 1992, Outreach Extensions develops and implements solution-based media outreach campaigns that extend the impact of documentaries beyond television into local communities.

  • Media outreach leader in the television industry
  • Multiplatform expertise
  • Customized campaigns
  • Full range of media outreach services
  • Visibility and high impact
  • Creative problem solvers

News & Opportunities

Funded by The Wallace Foundation, outreach grants have been awarded to 17 public television stations to engage key local audiences in THE PRINCIPAL STORY national media outreach campaign. Stations’ local productions and events, as well as outreach partner events, funded as part of the campaign, are scheduled from April through October. Read more...

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